If there is one thing I wish that I could do every single day it would be to go scuba diving. Friends think that I am crazy…I can’t swim well, other than a gallant effort at the dog paddle, but put a mask and fins on me and I will jump in the water without fear or a care in the world.

I have always wanted to be up close to a sea turtle and I finally got that chance. I stayed with that turtle for what felt like five minutes, but my low air alarm informed me it had been 45 instead. It’s a wonder I had air at all given the huge smile I had on my face.

As I entered the boat, stripped off my gear, and proceeded to put my underwater camera in a bucket of fresh water, I could hardly contain my excitement. All I could think was “What pictures did I get?”image



My next assignment for my photo 101 class is to take a picture of a landscape.
Well, living in Washington, I have my pick of things to take pictures of. Mt. Rainier is basically in my backyard, and the Cascade Mountain Range and Mt. St. Helens are just a stone throws away.
The weather though was not cooperating today. There was just too much cloud cover to get a decent shot so I think a picture of the beach is much more appealing.

Welcome to Port Angeles, Washington!