Glass Beach

You’re better off driving a truck as there are so many ruts and potholes along this stretch of dirt road. You pass through the industrial side of the island, an old Japanese cemetery is off to your right.
You park the truck and look around…nothing but blue skies and blue water. You can hear the rolling surf and crashing waves. Most locals won’t tell you where this hidden beach is but it’s there.
You hike down a hill and before you know it your feet are at the bottom but it’s not sand squishing between your toes…no it’s glass.
For years it was a dumping ground for old cars and metal junk. Many a couple would finish their bottle of wine and throw it as far as they could, knowing that one day the ocean would bring it back and deposit it, in pieces, along the shore.
It’s a peaceful place to lay back on your beach towel and listen to the water and if you listen close enough sometimes you can hear what sounds somewhat like wind chimes as pieces of glass get tumbled in the surf.




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